5 Tips To Make Your Home Cosy

As the winter nights creep in and the weather starts to turn it gets chilly and begins to snow, then all you can do is… let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. With Christmas around the corner it’s time to snuggle up indoors, get the old wood fire going, wrap up in a blanket and watch some of your favorite Christmas movies. However how do you get a cosy feeling? What gives you that ooooooo feeling? when you are feeling relaxed and want to unwind, let us discover how you can make your home much more comfortable.

How to make your home feel cosy

Purchase Candles

Candles are a perfect, a cheap solution to brightening your environment up and not harming the earth. There are a number of candles available, from Yankee candles that smell out of this world, to normal candles that stay alight for hours on end. A simple candle does the trick, all you have to do is light up to 5 candles around the room, away from any clothes or furniture, and let them brighten up your room. Be sure to always supervise them when they are in use.

Warm Lighting

No I don’t mean those annoying flickering tube light, in the 21st century we are doing more for the planet earth and almost everyone now uses fluorescent bulbs that are environmentally friendly as they give out a warm glow and keep your electricity bills down.

One great solution for warm lighting is the dim lights, they are widely used in places of work, from kitchens to living rooms. You can easily set the lighting to suit your preference, from bright during those family events when you want to capture that perfect shot, to dim lighting during those family movies and late night TV shows.

Add Fabric Furniture

Fabric furniture is a great solution to making your house cosy, in a recent survey conducted by leading sofa suppliers, 82% of people found fabric sofas more comfortable to leather sofas and the most common reason was because leather sofas are cold.

So when buying furniture for the first time, be sure to get fabric materials as in Winter they will be comfortable and cosy.

Incense Sticks

If you are on a budget and looking for something cheap an cheerful, then incense sticks are a great option. If you go to your local newsagent or hardware store many sell them in packs of 100, which will last you for a number of months. Incense sticks are widely used in temples and places of worship as they help to calm and bring out inner peace within people, so be sure to invest in some incense sticks and they won’t cost a fortune.

Get a Cosy Blanket

Yes something simple as that can do the trick. Faux blankets are a good choice for those winter nights when you are sitting by the fire with your favorite book. What I also recommend is getting a small faux rug to place on the carpet, this is great to have if you are sitting on the floor wrapped up.

Small Home Gets Open Renovation


Do you feel it is hard to express your interior design in a small house? You may be incorrect. Recently, AR Design Studio were lead designers in the renovation and extension of a four bedroom house that was made to look more open and in touch with nature, with it’s glass rooms.

Located in a neighborhood, surrounded by houses and little space, this house was not expanded out, but it was expanded vertically and completely redecorated indoors and outdoors. It was fitted with a master bedroom in the first floor with stairs climbing up to the master bedroom, with a elegant oak wood finished to superior standards. Even a small house can be made cosy with the right design head an ideas.



The front was modernized, with space the key to lead design. Fitted in with large double glazing windows, it really opened the house up making it look modern and airy full of life. The front driveway was re-paved with solid black paving, which kept it smart and simple, yet unique in it’s own way.

If you think the front house looked good have a look of the back garden. The entire back was re-vamped and upgraded. With a flock of new windows fitted and a new extension built with was out of this world. The new extension looks like something out of a Ikea showroom and you are right it was just something out of the Ikea showroom. It features sliding double glazing doors that let in the summer breeze, or if you are a winter person you can see the snow gently settle as you are have dinner on the solid oak dinner table.


The interior of the extension is very modern and simple. The chic modern look is so in, as it’s the simple touches that make the huge differences. The floors and walls are painted in white, which reflects the sun light throughout the day, giving the house a open feel. This is by far the best room in the house, you get a sense of touch with nature and feel at peace.

There are also some compact storage solutions, such as lockers and storage compartments.